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    Hello guys,

    Sadly the notes aren’t coming back,
    They actually never worked with me I believe Joe said it should be fixed but it isn’t sadly,

    I am on IOS platform running IOS15.2.1

    I have the latest release of the HC app on since last night

    Scott Lee

    Hi guys, I am running the same iOS platform as above with the Latest HC update and have the same issue. Was there a fix for this ?


    I almost felt like I was the only one!
    Still no fix my end

    Scott Lee

    Thanks for the reply Joe. My notes started working this morning. Showing up in the workout when I typed them. They don’t show up in the following weeks workout (not sure if they are meant to or not ?)
    Awesome app and appreciate you guys being super quick on getting issues sorted out.


    That’s the issue,
    You put your notes hoping to see them on the next session but they aren’t showing
    I use the notes
    To put my feedback on my sets:
    Keep the weight
    Less reps more weight
    Go up next…
    And to put which piece of kit I used and the setting, never remember the bench setting


    Hi Romain and Scott,

    Sorry to hear you’re having an issue.

    Exercise notes will be forwarded for immediate next workout for that specific Workout Block only.

    Currently on the app Programs are divided in 3 Blocks.

    Block 1 is Week 1 to Week 4
    Block 2 is Week 5 to Week 8
    Block 3 is Week 9 to Week 12

    When block changes from 1st to 2nd in that case there are different workouts for that block.

    In that case old notes will not be forwarded from the previous workout as the workout block has changed and that will have fresh workouts till Block 3 that is Week 8.

    And again same goes for Block 3 till Week 12.

    Hope this will help you.

    Do let us know on if you have any further issues / questions and we will help guide you through.

    Justen Timmerman

    Any way to have the notes based on the exercises instead of the blocks?


    Any way to have the notes based on the exercises instead of the blocks?

    Exactly what I asked,
    Apparently it s something they are working on for the next release


    Hello Joe,

    I had some exchange with vinay from tech support and here is his response

    On app we have 2 programs “Terrence Olympia Prep 2021” & “Ben Pollack PowerBuilder”
    These programs have different workouts for all 12 weeks.

    In that case notes from previous week workout will not be forwarded to the next week’s workout
    As all workouts are different for each week.

    Apart from these 2 other workout programs will work in the same way shared in your topic that you asked in forum

    As we said and as I mentioned to vinay if we could get the lift history for each exercise showing it would actually be better than saving by training blocks

    I am doing Terrence prep which is actually awesome but shame regarding the notes,

    I hope it makes more sense


    Hey Romain & Justen,

    Sorry to hear you are having an issue,

    We are working on this update to get notes based on the exercise instead of the Workout Block.

    This will be fixed in the next app update which will be soon.

    Justen Timmerman

    Great news! Thank you so much. Best app/service/support!!

    Michael Whitehead

    Is this now in the latest update?

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