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    Brady Patrick

    Hi Joe/Bryce,

    First I’d like to say the attention to detail and effort that goes into the site and app is just second to none. I am really appreciative for this community.

    My question is regarding the super high volume workouts that were posted a couple years ago on the site.

    Let’s say hypothetically, I am in the best position from a recovery stand point that I will ever be. (I’m a student, out for holidays, only work 2 days per week, no stress, etc). Would I grow quicker from the high volume sessions like you used to post back then, or would I be just as well following the newer style? I ask because I recall you saying before that you aren’t really trying to put on as much mass as possible anymore (unless I’m recalling incorrectly?)

    I have been growing great from the 1-2 top sets, but everyone wants to grow faster right? Lol

    Thank you in advance


    I would up the volume slightly/slowly. Some of the old workouts were honestly because they were fun/hard. Even when my recovery is spot on, now I wouldn’t ever do more than 3 working sets. (Maybe 4 for delts/biceps). I would start there for now. I don’t think most humans need more than that

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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