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    Eli Hargis

    Hey Joe, so I’m in a position now where my job is to give all of our other trainers clients. However, and I say this lightly, our other trainers at Lifetime are really bad. On many different levels, whether it’s professional, laziness, or just having their clients train with awful form with no corrections or just bad exercise selection (you know how it can get). I have a very hard time promising these potential clients that I am signing up that they can get 100% of the way to their goals if I put them with one of these trainers. We have about 40 trainers at our gym, and I trust about three of them. My boss was talking to me yesterday and asking me how he thinks Him and I should approach the situation when it comes to getting these trainers better, and making sure that they are aware of the problem at hand. In our Wednesday educational meetings, we are going to go over the “Lifetime big six movements“ which are your basic “movement patterns “. Now I obviously can’t say to any of the trainers that they are pretty much really bad at their job. how would you suggest talking to these trainers, and handling these meetings when we are on the gym floor, getting to a point where I ultimately Have trust in giving them a client?


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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