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    First and foremost, not seeking medical advice. Just some nerd knowledge.

    Last month taking off a tire from my daughter’s car with a 4 way I suffered a partial distal bicep tear. I heard something tear and it was probably the grossest and most terrifying sound you can hear in person lol. No bruising, a little pain, and minor swelling. Then two days later lol… I was bringing up a dresser for my daughter who decided she needed to order a new one (dads gotta do what dads gotta do) and since I couldn’t lift the box I ended up bear hugging it and squatting it up 15 steps. In the middle of going up the stairs, I felt my bicep move over /flip or whatever, kind of hard to explain. It was painful but still no excess swelling or bruising. I have to go see my primary but due to all the stuff that’s going on appointments are hard to make right away unless it’s an emergency. From what I have read and even talked to a paramedic at my gym is that I most likely wouldn’t need surgery and my primary would just suggest rest and PT. That’s what I have been doing and staying away from anything arm-related for a month. So here we are now waiting for my DR appointment but things are getting better.

    I was in week 28 of ARMageddon and decided to just reset and start with the basics. 2 weeks back in and I am seeing improvements in strength each day but struggling on how to approach my training so I can progress but also limit my chances of reinjury or elongating my recovery which from what I have been told is about 6 months. Before I was injured I was progressing really quick like single-arm preachers barely able to curl 35pds at 8r Week 1 progressing to 55pds 10-12r in week 28. With my injured Bicep, I can single-arm preacher curl 40pds 8r with little to no discomfort. I do wear a brace that is made to take away the stress on the elbow joint but also crosses over the brach tendon & muscle and really seems to be helping a lot. One thing I am enjoying about taking everything back to week 1 is my form. It’s like I am relearning everything from form to alignment. But now struggling with how to approach recovery.

    So to make this less of a wall of text I’ll make it really simple

    * Should I stay away from bar movements like the ez curl bar so I am not biasing one bicep and risking a tear in the good arm?

    * If not should I just use a comfortable weight and focus on paused reps or stick to single-arm movements?

    * If only single-arm movements are a better option, would doing let’s say 55pds single-arm preachers on the good arm and just keeping the weight lower on the injured arm be okay? Or should I just train both arms at the lower weight and focus on paused reps until I get this sorted out?

    Thoughts, ideas, tips, whatever you think to point me in the right direction.


    Thank you brother that helps a lot. When I see my primary I will schedule an MRI and go from here. I will keep you updated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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