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    My girlfriend has a syndrome called PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which causes the female body to produce testoterone and insulin resistence, which also makes weightloss very difficult. She has tried low carb and ketogenic diets, with variable results. Ketogenic wasn’t a sustainable option due to metabolic and ethical reasons, and now she has been eating avegetarian/vegan diet, and it is the first time she actually enjoys the food! Do you have any experiences with this sort of syndrome and weightloss?

    Any advice or opinions are more than welcome!



    Do’s & Don’t for PCOS Diet
    1 Construct the diet of 4 meal pattern.
    2 Include bitter vegetables( any time of the day, ie lunch etc) and Bitter gourd juice (first thing in morning)
    3 Omega 3 fatty acids supplements compulsory.
    4 use 1 table spoon of clarified butter in a day.
    5 select low GI Carbs.
    6 1 tablespoon flaxseeds per day is must.
    7 Add both first class and second class protein in the diet.
    8 two servings of vegetables per day.
    9 two servings of fruits per day.
    10 Include salads in diet
    11 Use millets like jowar and nachni in diet.
    12 Fish and rice for dinner is excellent.
    13 Give fresh milk (non.packed) and it’s products only.
    14 Give raw banana flour or raw banana vegetable
    15 Early dinner.
    16 Excercise ( workout ) is a must in this condition.
    17 give ASHOKARISTA bedtime.

    1 Don’t Give packaged and processed foods.
    2 Don’t give wheat and its products.
    3 Don’t give corn.
    4 Avoid chicken.
    5 Don’t give bakery products.

    Don’t worry I am a Nutritionist i handle lots of PCOD & PCOS clients

    Anything or any supplement don’t understand plz Google it. ASHOKARISHTA is a supplement for this condition.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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