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    Well hello Coach and to the rest of the crew . I just bought my first stack . It’s not much it’s testosterone enanthate and I’m going to start using it at its smaller dose . What’s your opinion on the dose ? What should the proper dose been based on ? I heard your last answer that you gave me you said to go to a doctor but my testosterone is on really good levels . I’m just confused and a lil bit scared.😅

    Adam Matty

    No offense. Sounds like you should hold off for awhile and do some research. I don’t think anyone is going to play doctor here and end up getting sued.


    My friend I understand what’s your telling me but I don’t want no one to play a doctor I know every action has a reaction and if im starting to get something is up on me and doesn’t have to do with the answer ! I’m just a bit confused that’s why im asking

    Adam Matty

    Then you should do research for months and months to understand what you’re doing and you’ll get a general consensus. Do you have everything to support. AI’s. Pct ?

    Josh Landers

    If it were me, I would hire an experienced coach for 1-on-1 PED management along with bloodwork. Guessing is a good way to f*** yourself up.


    As mentioned above, you should really work with a good coach for when deciding to start using PEDs. For others maybe lurking who are thinking about going that route, you should really consider the following before taking a dive into the PED pool:

    * Have you spent time maximizing all variables (i.e. training, nutrition, sleep, stress management are all on point)? If not, fix those first.
    * Do you understand how PEDs work and the short and long term health risks of usage? Do you understand the safety and risks of compounds?
    * Do you have access to real product and not something from someone’s home kitchen lab?
    * Do you know to safely administer PEDs, i.e. proper and sanitary injections?
    * Do you know how to handle side effects? Do you have support supplements/meds available to handle side effects?
    * Do you know the lab markers to monitor before/during/after cycle to try to maintain good health?
    * Do you have the money to support proper use – blood work, supplements for health and side effects, PCT?
    * Do you understand legal matters around their use?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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