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    1. Been training for 1.5 years, 5 days x 40mins weekly (A1 A2, B1 B2 whole body)
    2. 100% aesthetics focused
    3. Still progressing on a weekly basis by reps or weight
    4. Weight remains around 63-65kg
    5. Aesthetics has improved but still only showing top 2-4 packs only. BF approx 15% based on looks, 13% based on Tanita machine (not accurate I think).

    My goal is to
    1. Progress from S to M (larger overall)
    2. Show 6 packs

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    1. Body cues/tips for each exercise – where to find them?

    For instance, in a RDL, I’m referring to cues like – “make sure no one can take the pen from your armpits”, and NOT stuff like “keep the bar close to your thighs”.

    Where can I find a comprehensive list of cues for each exercise, so that I can perform them in good form?


    2. 40mins x5 weekdays or 60mins x3 days?

    Assuming everything is identical except the number of workout days and duration, does it actually matter? Goal is pure hypertrophy.


    3. 2500-2850 cals goal for recomp/muscle building?

    I’m 172cm/65kg male. this calorie goal is so much higher than all the other calculators I’m using. Just to confirm it is correct? Does it matter if it’s a dirty bulk?

    4. Wait for gym equipment or simply choose a replacement?

    I use a public gym and it’s not easy to always stick to the same exercises. Hence, instead of a incline DB Hex press, I sometimes swap it with a cable mid chest press or dips for instance. Is it ok to keep swapping them?

    Especially on DBs, I find myself plateau-ing at the 20kg x 2 mark, for both incline press and supported back rows.

    If I wait for the equipment, then my rest time is inconsistent.

    If I plonk in DB exercises, I plateau fast (E.g. standing DB press instead of seated to remove stabilisers).

    How will you program the workout in this situation ?


    5. Lastly, there are so many resources here. Where should I start looking for my level?

    Separately, are there tutorials that focus on breathing correctly, especially for lifts?

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