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    Michael U

    Hi Joe and Bryce, I have a few suggestions, maybe they are helpul to improve the app and make it more user friendly for all of us.

    1) Eliminate calorie counter on home page.
    As a European I can’t fully use the nutrition app or function because the database which is used contains few European products. So here I am bound to MyFitnessPal as a European. I personally also think that you should keep the apps that you are used to. Maybe in the future you could develop to the point that the user can somehow compose the home dashboard itself. So in the settings maybe the options with a checkbox select what you want to have there and what not.

    2) Enable 2 programs simultaneously.
    For example, if I have 1 upper body program, but on rest days also want to train legs lower body, I would like that in both the progress remains. Not that I have to start a new program and end the other and thus lose the progress of the other program.

    3) Speed up video loading
    Compress videos better and maybe preload the needed videos for the needed workout already when clicking on “Start Workout” so that they are stored in the cache of the user’s device.
    Reason: I personally am often in gyms where there is little internet or where the internet connection is very poor (typical for Berlin). This could save the loading time of the videos and thus also improve usability. Because videos don’t have to be streamed anymore.

    4) Image as video preview how the correct position of the exercise looks like:
    In most video preview images you always see Joe’s upper body, maybe it would make sense to use a thumbnail here that shows the exercise right away. Don’t get me wrong, I also like to see Joe, but at this moment I also like to see a preview of the exercise. Often I look at the video, then I remember that I have seen that and I remember the things, if I just had the screenshot I would know whether I know it or not.

    5) Total weight lifted per session, per week, month, year
    A nice feature would also be an option where you can see how much you have lifted. Total weight per session, per day, week, month or year. This could then also be divided into exercises etc.


    Thank you for the great feedback

    Michael U

    you’re welcome

    Michael U

    Ok nice, i did not knew that some of this things are done or you are working on them. Also the short videos are a great idea, thanks for the detailed feedback on my message.


    Thanks for the answer @admin ! looking forward to the added barcode data base from Europe 💪🏽

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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