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    Aloha fam
    Chace Bolosan ( @bolobuilt )
    Ended up top 5 in the welters at this past USAs

    Gonna hit it again next year taking the entire year to prep for it again.

    Looking at my photos I’m thinking my chest , arms, back suck and that’ll be main focus. Abs too but genetically they suck. Haha

    Thinking of doing Terrance prep for this post show building into off-season? Or any recommendations on programs on here to do?

    I’ll attach some stage shots, don’t have all of the poses yet but they’re are enough to see my physique .

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    Mahalo Nui Joe! Truly means a lot for you taking the time to reply! Just started the block 3 days ago and I’m loving in

    I gotta fly out and book a workout with you guys one day say I can finally use a pendulum squat haha.

    Oh well, 50 more weeks for redemptions at the USAs. Gonna be running your programs from start to finish!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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