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    Kendall thompson

    Hello all,

    2 Questions

    I’m about to start the PowerBuilder program, and I was checking out the workouts for the Big 3, and I noticed that they have a prescribed percentage and sets and reps, but also an RIR of 0. My question is, do I stick with the prescribed percentage and reps, or do I adjust either weight or reps to make it a 0 RIR. Example, deadlifts day 1, 3×12 @ 65%, what if I get to 12 and can keep going? Especially in the first set or two I can see this happening… Should I add weight or reps to get to a 0 RIR?

    Second question. Since I home gym, some exercises will be switched out. Example: Hack squat. I have a landmine attachment that I can do an approximation of a hack, but I’m not sure I can load it heavy enough with this set up to do, say, a set of 6 with an RIR 0-1. I assume its ok to maybe do something like a tempo and take the reps to something like 10-12 to get the desired RIR?

    Thanks in advance. Digging the app so far

    Kendall thompson

    Appreciate you taking the time Joe.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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