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    James Baker

    Hi Guys..

    Apps amazing as expected. I really like the approach you guys have I really think
    you understand people are a bit lost with training.

    I have decided to run the original PPL 3 days per week.

    Coupe of questions.

    Can I do a simple top set and back off set like the below on the big meat and potato exercises and just progress weight or reps then swap them out when needed ?

    Top set: 1 x 6-8
    Back off: 1 x 10-12

    Can I swap the bent over row to the Dumbbell version ?

    On the pull day can I start with the RDL ?

    Sorry for all the questions just want to get this right and make some progress 🙂

    James Baker

    Thanks for the response Bryce I have had a more detailed look at the PPL and will just follow Joe’s sets and reps approach.
    I’m pretty sure he knows a lot more about training than me so no need to mess around 😂😂

    Sorry another question for the Lower day.The gym I train at only has seated hamstring curl and no lying hamstring curl.I’m sure I have spotted a suggestion to do a single leg version of the seated version is this correct ?I think you also suggest a 45 degree back raise but my gym does not have one.

    James Baker

    Any update on my question gents ?

    Thanks 😊

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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