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    First, Bryce and Joe, thanks for adding great feedback and availability.

    I am looking to bring up my upper body (Legs have never been an issue unless its buying/keeping pants or jeans)

    Currently run a modified PPL but I take one excercise out of the main Push (High Incline Smith) and Pull (Bent over row) and insert them later in the week on the given 2nd day that is much lower RPE for the most part.


    1) Am I headed in the right direction? Any suggestions for modification would be appreciated!

    2) Should I take my normal Pull day and switch it so it does not go three hard days in a row?

    3) I would go to the armaggedon program but would like giving my biceps and triceps equal rest times.

    Friday – Legs

    Saturday – Push

    Sunday – Pull

    Monday – Off

    Tuesday – Second Push (Dips, Y raises, Front Plate Raises, and overhead cable)

    Wednesday – Second Pull (Two arm DB row, DB Hammer Curl, Lat focused Row, and Reverse Pec Dec)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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