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    Hi Im new to this app. First of all great app, love de logbook system et de HC university its great!
    Im actualy on de PPL 1.0 and Im entering week 5 . From week 1-4 rep ranges was 6-8 with 1RIR. Pretty standard for that part. Although from week 5 to week 12, rep range are very large. In some exercice rep range is 5-12 and other are 8-20.

    Ive never worked with that kind of rep range so I was wandering what is the main factor that determines the number of reps i should do in those large rep ranges?

    I know for a fact that generally 5 reps is for max strength, 15-20 reps is more muscle endurance and in between is for hypertrophy but Im kind of confuse if I should go a 5, 12, 15 or 20 reps in some case.

    Thanks in advance!

    Vegard Carlsen

    The reason a rep range in the program says 5-12 or 8-20 is because you have a top set that typically ranges something like 5-8 or 8-12 and then you have backoff sets using a lighter load to reach a new rep range

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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