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    Hi, should I keep most of my daily carbs as pre- an post-workout meals or should I divide them in all my meals ?

    I have 5 meals a day:
    Pre-workout meal
    Dinner (post-workout meal)

    What is the ideal time to have the pre- and post-workout meal (how much time before or after the workout?

    Should I take a Whey protein right after the workout eventhough that I have dinner after the workout.

    Thank You


    Hey man, you can have carbs with every meal you like at the end it’s all about calorie intake.

    A good recommendation for pre workout is to take 1g of carbs per kg and 0.5g of protein per kg. The fat should definitely be kept on the lower end, especially if you’re planning to workout soon. I recommend taking the meal about 1 hour before the workout and adjust it from there with own experience. A good pre workout meal example would be some protein oats. As for post workout: The post workout meal should be consumed until 5 hours after the pre workout meal. The post workout meal isn’t that fragile anymore, meaning you could also eat some fats. A protein shake isn’t a must but if you prefer taking one you should. If you have your post workout within the timeframe and there’s already a good amount of protein in it (again I would recommend 0.5g protein per Kg) the shake is not necessary.


    Thank You, that’s very helpful

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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