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    Hi guys I just want to jump on and ask about a specific program that is going to help towards my goals as I’m finding that the program that I am following (PPL 2.0) is effecting my motivation because of how it’s split into a 6 day program (which I never follow the 7 day calendar anyway) I kinda do PUSH PULL LOWER A, rest (cardio day) then PUSH PULL LOWER B, rest (cardio day) 3 on 1 off kinda thing over 8 days.
    But for my own goals I want more of a upper body, chest, back, shoulder, Arm program with a single leg workout day rather than splitting up the leg days in this current program to quad dominant and hams dominant days. I also feel like I’m this program it’s my shoulders/arm that lacks volume, because there is not much exercises specifically for shoulders and arms only to finish off with little isolation stuff with one exercise.
    I work a 50+ hour week as well and I’m finding that I’m just not doing enough with this program. I’m on week 5 atm, yes I’m making progress with strength, and consistent with other box ticking, but I also had an issue with my diet check in, one week it was telling me to up my calories because I was not gaining weight, the next week I checked in again it told me to drop my calories because I was gaining fat, after being up about 1kg. My goal is to build more so why am I getting told to drop Cals like this and being told I’m gaining fat after writing in my goals? Doesn’t make any sense. My weekly Cals are 3000, my net average as I’ve been upping them myself slightly after gathering data from my own check in’s, is 3200, and I’m still dropping weight, but then when I check in you are telling me to drop Cals because I’m gaining fat. I don’t think this is good for peoples mental health. (Especially mine anyway) lol.

    Could you please give us some feedback please. I do believe the diet and nutrition side of things could do with some more help and guidance on how to properly manage Cals and macros etc for each and individual goal and how to probably manage it. Plus as well when you put in how many meals you are having a day, every single meal has the same amount of macros, again you tell me when has a bodybuilder had the same macros for each meal? That doesn’t make sense either.

    All this needs addressing because diet and nutrition is the main factor behind all this as well, not just about a program.

    Thanks guys 💪🏽


    Thank you Bryce I appreciate the response. I am considering a coach at the point I am at now anyway, I’m just doing grinding at the minute week in week out and putting the work in and making sure all the boxes are ticked! ✅

    What are your thoughts with the program I mentioned?


    I decided to do the Terrance Arnold championship 2022 program rather than continue with the PPL 2.0 on week 9. I felt that the program was catching up with me and my schedule and although I carried the training sessions over the 7 day calendar period, I just felt the Terrance program was more suited to my current goals and more upper biased which I want.

    Coming away from that program won’t effect any progress going forward will it because I came away from that program earlier than planned?

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