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    Programming push is no problem however pull is proving a little problematic, no issues with elbow flexion movements but currently failing to program the rest of it. Let me present what is available to me in the gym so that you’re best placed to advise

    Lat pulldown – available
    Smith machine – available
    Cable crossover – available
    Barbells – available
    Dumbbells – available but not heavy enough to challenge back pulling movements
    Not blessed to have any prime pieces of kit
    No Seated cable rows
    Stacks on the cable crossover go to about 35 kilos a side which works for stuff like flies and curls and laterals and pressdowns but not for pulling
    I do have bands lots of bands across quite a broad resistance range and thanks to Dr Scott Stevenson I’ve got a lot of daisy chains and carabiners and all sorts of climbing gear to finagle equipment (eg my lat Pulldown stack only goes to 100kg so I use daisy chains to tie on additional dumbbells or in some cycles I use a light band to really challenge the short position)

    I loved single arm bench braced pulldowns but the discrepancy between my dominant and non dominant side got a little silly once the rep range dropped to a heavy 5-8

    So currently I have programmed
    Bicycle Bar Pulldowns – my bar is just wide enough to allow my elbows to travel by my sides without pushing them too far out to make this upper back or forcing them too close together to ruin the movement
    Typically 2 sets one heavier one lighter this part of the meso is 6-8 and 12-15 soon it’ll be 4 to 6 and 8 to 12

    Reverse Grip EZ Barbell Rows – same as above – I tend to do them more upright like Yates did but that’s also to keep my lower back safe as I’ve got an old injury there

    This is where I get stuck – what to do next?

    My OCD won’t let me go to the gym and wing it – so without a plan it’s hard for me to even go to the gym

    Any advice would be truly appreciated

    Thanks in advance


    Sorry I also have a land mine attachment


    And of course adjustable benches, a hyper extension bench thingy, trap bar


    That does indeed thank you very much

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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