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    Conner Y

    Hey guys quick question on a pull day exercise

    While my gym has great equipment they are lacking in chest supported row machines. I would like to know what exercise you guys would choose or if you’d change anything up. Here is the back portion of my current pull workout (all generated from this app)

    A1) Neutral grip pull down 3 sets
    B1) chest supported barbell row 3 sets
    C1) step back hammer strength rows 2 sets
    D1) pump work- lat pullover 2-3 sets + drop each set

    My question is for exercise B I listed, the machine is a free barbell on a chest support platform. Would you change this movement to something with a fixed line of motion or stick with how it currently is? I see you guys doing the T bar row machine or a neutral grip chest supported row machine, both of which my gym doesn’t have. My main question would be what you guys would choose as an alternate exercise?

    Sorry for the long question/explanation just wanted some feedback and your opinion. Thanks guys!

    Conner Y

    Thanks man! I’ll keep on keeping on. I have been enjoying the movement I just miss that fixed bar path. Appreciate the feedback

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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