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    Maximilian Knödl

    Hey Joe and Bryan,
    do you think its beneficial to do more frequency with lower volume ? I just find it better to do less per session but more often. It fits my day better and I recover much better. Im on a pull push lower split,
    3 on 1 off.

    A1. Single arm pulldown 2 sets
    B1. Lat focus row 2 sets
    C1. T-bar row with chestpad 2 sets
    D1. Rear delt cables 2 sets
    E1. Cable curls 2 sets

    A1. incline smith banded 2 sets
    B1. Roller fly 2 sets
    C1. High incline smith banded 2 sets
    D1. Lying cable laterals 2 sets
    E1. Standing cable cross X 2 sets

    A1. Seated legcurls 2 sets
    B1. Leg X 2 sets
    C1. Heel elevated squats 1 set
    D1. Smith SLD 1 set
    E1. Hip loaded calf raises 2 sets

    Do you think it is enough volume per session ? I just focus on getting bigger and better. Try to progress in any way, mostly put 2 pounds on per session on big lifts.
    I also find pump work limit my recovery, maybe I add in some if I feel I need some, but only 1 set maybe. I train for more than 10 years, and try to get on stage next year, and compete as a natural. Would you guys switch some exercises ? Or maybe add one ? Maybe 1 set of banded RDLs on Back day? Or would you have a A and B plan for each session ?

    Best Regards

    Maximilian Knödl

    Ok thanks Coach !

    Maximilian Knödl

    Hey Coach, do you think its beneficial to make your days more specific for your physic Goals ? I overall want more width, so delts and lats are priority for me. Triceps also needs to come up. How would you go about it ? I had something like this in mind.


    A1. Lean forward cable row with chestsupport

    B1. Single arm pull down

    C1. T-bar with chestsupport

    D1. Rack Chins

    E1. Rear delt cable

    F1. Cable biceps curls


    A1. Banded incline smith

    B1. High incline smith

    C1. Neutral grip machine press

    D1. Lying cable laterals

    E1. Lying cable tri X

    Would you split the pull day in to different pulldays ? One more thickness and one more lats ? Or just have one specific and repeat? Also for push…would you maybe have one more for delts and tri? And one more for chest ? Or just one day ? And prioritize the muscles in every workout. I just want to benefit from the high frequency from push pull lower, so I can hit each weakness more often, and prioritize my workouts to my weaknesses. But I’m not sure iv it’s better to make to different days or one specific. I would really appreciate your thoughts on that ! How would you go about to bring up the priority’s ? Exercises selection and exercises order ? Or different days ? With specific goals ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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