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    I already know the answer to an extent but also asking does help to clear any doubts.

    We all know that not all gyms have each piece of equipment available when it’s needed. The other day my last workout was incline cable curls. My gym has three cable setups, the really wide LF cable rack, a slightly smaller rack and the more compact cable rack. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. I really like the smaller of the three but do know how to adjust for the others if needed. The problem we face is that our cable racks are used the most.

    As I was finishing up my one arm preacher curls I look over and see the cable rack open which is rare. So the thought of I should go during my rest between sets and set up the seat and plop my bag down to save it because I’ll be over there in like 5mn anyway. Well I went with my better judgment to not be that guy (not that I haven’t done it before lol) and one minute later a girl jumps on and knowing her routine takes about 30mn I almost regretted it instantly lol. I try my hardest to be mindful that others want to use the equipment too and I do know many alternatives to whatever I’m doing are wanting to do so it is what it is but you gotta sometimes get while the gettin’ is good or you’ll never get it in 😂

    So without a wall of text (which it is sorry) . If I know I have cable work to do and I have the opportunity to just jump on a cable rack and bust out all the cable work and then do whatever else the program calls for. Is that okay for the program?

    Me personally and my own routines I’d go off of what was available at the and just work with it and hop on whatever the moment it opens up. But also I don’t like doing that at s since I like structured workouts 1, 2, 3 etc… Not 1, 3, 2 lol

    On the days I was doing cable work and there when the doors open to my gym which is usually every day. I am always first in the door and head right to the cable rack. Only if I need to use it that day. Just to get to it before anyone else can so I can get all my cable work in right away and not sit and wait watching like a hawk for a person using it with a 2hr routine of watching the gram or FB 🤬

    Going from cable to free weights then back to cables can be super challenging most of the in my gym. Oh and don’t worry I’ve got more long winded posts/questions.. I signed up for the year so yea.. 😂😂😂🤔🤣


    Didn’t know about the swap feature. Good to know and Thanks for the reply. My woman did say to not be so excessive in my posts so I’ll try harder lol 👍👍

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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