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    Finding the app easy to use but somewhat confused on what I will be doing for Today.. Tomorrow etc.. Take Armageddon workout for example. Now Joe says it’s going to get progressively harder. I’m ready for that. I was trying to look at week 2, week 3 etc.. And it seems keep me in week 1. Is that on purpose? I have a rotating work schedule and 1 week a month I have very limited time and like to base my main days around the days I can be in the gym as long as needed and then lighter workouts for the days I can be there for a short time.

    What I’m looking for is that I see week 1 today’s workout is only 6 workouts. Now is that for the entire workout for the entire day? Does week 2 have more workouts say maybe 8 or 9?

    The next workout under “today’s”that says following is that the same day or for the next day?

    I’m not used to doing only 6 workouts but with it getting progressively harder I assume there will be more workouts than just those 6?? And I do understand that week 1 vs week 6 will be tougher/totally different as per the video I watched.

    Also for week one if I am assuming that the four workouts are the entire week which is split into 4 different workouts. Is this 4 days in a row with 3 off? I may be over thinking this right now just want to plan my week l accordingly. I’m currently doing a 3 on 1 off but changing my routine won’t be hard to do a 4 day on 3 off.

    Just trying to figure all this out before I tear into this program.


    Thank you, you answered my questions exactly as needed. I appreciate the time you took to reply. 👍👍

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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