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    Hi guys just a quick one.

    Currently on the Terrance and Joe program (week 5) I’ve giving it a few weeks now with the BB RDL’s, on the pull session, I still am not finding that connection with it as I’m worried about my back all the time and adding weight to progress with it and the more weight I add I find my back will arch more knee’s bend more. If that makes sense. My mid session is weak but that’s down to multiple of surgeries and cancer (kidney removal) but am steadily growing. (Pictures as shown)
    My weak points is my mid section and my arms. Hence why I chose this program to focus more so on my upper, but do find certain exercises I do struggle with progressive overload. Can I swap RDL for deadlift? Or should I try Dumbbells before the exercise swap? When it comes to programming exercises it’s one thing I’ve struggled with over the past trying to judge recovery, lifestyle etc, but I am getting it 5 weight sessions in a week. (Currently on a gaining phase)
    Thank you in advance.

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    Hey Joe, thank you for taking your time out for the reply. Really appreciate it and great advice as always. I’m going to scrap the log book and focus more so on the form, great execution and even if it takes me a few weeks, so be that. I’d rather do it right rather than chase numbers each week. Again much appreciated mate 🙌🏽

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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