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    Hi coaches. I’m noticing something in my training when it comes to quads. I am doing a variation of anti flamingo.

    Seated leg curl 3 sets (same weight last set failure 2-3 minute rest 6-8 reps)

    All sets will be using same weight last set failure and 2-3 rest

    Hack squat (heel elevated shoe mid-lower foot position. I have big feet haha)

    Seated leg extension I’m careful to slowly contract and not use momentum. I will sometimes include partials mid rep or band the paramount for better profiling.

    Bulgarian split squat (smith, db, whatever I can stabilize) (May be leaning too far forward)

    Hip loaded calve raise

    At the end of the workout I feel like I’ve loaded the quads, I have a great pump, I struggle up my stairs etc. like my quads should feel destroyed the next day. Day 1 no soreness, but I have a lot of glute soreness. Day 2 now and I still feel like I could do quads again. Glutes are super sore though.

    Can I go do quads the next day if my legs feel great a day or two after? My main goal is to bring up my quads.


    To add to this. That includes heavy leg press (for me), Cybrex squat press at 6-8 reps 3 sets, BB back squats, Smith Back squats. In fact the only time I blew up the front of my legs was the adductor magnus when I tried Cannon Ball close heel elevated smith squats.

    I’ve also noticed that the Vastes Medialis Oblique (VMO) seems to be lagging behind.


    Is it possible I could be taking my squat too deep and recruiting more glutes?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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