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    Hey guys, just wanted to ask for some guidance (more mentally tbh) when going from quite a high surplus, and training volume quite high which I was logging and progressing with on the Terrance program for 10wks, but been in a bulk for the last 8-9 months, and very much needed to do a recovery phase as everything hit a brick wall. (Weight didn’t go up further, strength hit a plateau, motivation hit a brick wall, and was generally knackered even tho I have a good routine, and get good adequate sleep a night)
    I was guided to do the recovery phase and this is my first week in that, and I’ve dropped Cals, (stomach feels better for it), been aiming for my 10k steps a day, but training wise I just can’t get used to the volume and change of program. I’ve gone from the 5 day split to 3 days (but I’m gonna do upper/lower upper/lower) and do 4 days. I’m following the program, working set of 5 reps with a few in reverse and keeping weight as high as I can to keep strength (with warm up sets), but I’m coming out the gym as if I’ve just wasted my time lol. (Meaning I’m not pushing as much as I was previously) trying to keep stress down, focussed more on slow reps and form, I was planning on doing this for 4 weeks, is that long enough? And do I need to do cardio (other than steps) even if Cals have dropped?
    Heads gone haha. 🥴

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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