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    Stavros Karaiskos

    Hi Joe,

    I enjoy both powerlifting and bodybuilding training, and understand that to do both means that I’ll progress slower in each but that’s okay.

    My question is, in your opinion would it be better to follow a complete hypertrophy split for “X” amount of time and then an out and out powerlifting program for a period of time and carry on repeating like that or…

    Do something like your pal Josh Vogel has done where I’d do a simplified wendler 531 for the big lifts at the start of the workout and then carry on the rest of the workout with as much hypertrophy work as I can recover from.

    As I say, i know itll mean being less optimal in either field but ultimately I love both training styles and want to be better at the 2 so was just wondering if one way may be slightly more beneficial than the other

    Thanks Joe and love your content!

    Conner Y

    I am also interested in hearing the answer to this one. I am the exact same way with my training style. I was doing 1 top set, 1 back off sets for squat and bench, but progress was slower than if I would “powerlift program” the movement.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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