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    Brad Clanton

    Thanks for answering all the questions recently guys. It really helps to have an opinion on things to either verify, or challenge the reasoning behind things we or I am doing in my program etc.

    So two quick questions today. I know Bryce has spoke at length about recovering from shoulder surgery etc and but curious as to how long post being turned semi free did it take to truly regain a mind muscle connection, and outside of reps on reps and doing long isometrics what other tactics did you implement to regain the ability to truly contract your target muscle on the effected side. I had 5 anchors put in the labrum and a capsular shift 5 months ago. I trained the left side and legs all the way from Injury until now, strength on the right is not bad but doing movements correctly and also truly feeling them contract appropriately is definitely challenging, especially for chest and back.

    Lastly due to the capsular shift I’m pretty much stuck at about 95-97 % of the mobility I had, and mainly limited in the far abducted and in a high plane such as a throw, or a back squat. But I’ve also found i can’t align wrist to elbow to shoulder on one arm preacher curl no matter how much I shift my body, the range just isn’t their still. Would you keep the one arm preacher as a meat and potatoe even with the 10-15 degree inward rotation or choose a different bicep movement. Still running anti flamingo until I’m probably 6-8 months post op and truly ready to crank up upper back to normal intensity and even volume.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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