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    Joe and Bryce,

    What could be the cause of only one specific exercise to not only stall but completely regress? I have made good progress with the front squat, but after hitting a wall for a few weeks, it’s started to consistently decrease significantly – both load and reps. However, I still am either progressing almost across the board or at least at the same load or reps for all other lifts. It’s also placed early in the workout as one of my main lifts to focus on

    A few questions I have about this is what could be the cause? How do you recommend addressing this ? Is this a time to maybe change exercise selection? Or maybe time to back off load? Not sure how to address this as I don’t want to completely scrap the exercise.


    I don’t think the cause matters. The fact is that it’s not progressing. Swap it out of the rotation and do something different for your quads


    It could also be just a mental block. Or maybe a warm up issue (ie. don’t waste too much energy on ramp up sets).

    What kind of rep ranges are you using currently? Maybe try to switch that up or for a couple of weeks and return back to old setup.

    And, my apologies for the intervention


    Oh and one more thing that just popped into my head. Are you training something the day prior?
    If you are for instance doing exercises that are heavily loading your posterior chain and/or midsection that might also be a problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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