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    I get the idea behind bands / chains / old school cams – variable / accommodating resistance to match as closely as possible the natural strength curve of the underlying musculature

    My question(s) / observation(s) are as follows and I’d love to get the views of other members or the coaching leaders kn this board just incase I’m doing something wrong

    On reverse banded pressing movements I find – on the eccentric – as the load reduces it’s almost as though there’s a slack in the muscles involved – which makes coming “out of the hole” with a strong concentric quite challenging

    To experiment I did the same movement but instead of reverse banding I just used the bands to add resistance at the top – I didn’t experience any of the “slacking” and was able to stay tight and braced throughout the ROM

    Interestingly when trying to equate the load / resistance levels of the same movement with band / reverse band I find the reverse band I start to struggle out of the hole and with banded pressing the struggle is near the top – which is interesting considering they’re both trying to achieve the same outcome lighter load under stretch heavier load closer to the shortened position (upper body pushing)

    I would love to hear other peoples experiences and thoughts


    Thanks coach, but the post got me thinking – I need to re evaluate my set up and check it against the guidance from videos provided here – will experiment and test and experiment some more. But appreciate the response and the honest feedback rather than some hypothecation. Cheers!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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