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    Jakub D.

    I have a problem with “bulk”.I am about 300-500 kcal above the maintance (which allows me to gain about 500 g per week). But every time I end up just fat in my eyes, I don’t know why – I do 8-10 weeks of bulk, then 2-3 weeks of cutting and repete.
    During bulk I eat a clean diet, only 2 meals during the week are free. I add reps but feel like shit every time, no getting pump or even look that I am ‘growing”. When I’m in deficit or just maintaining I look bigger, feels awsome, even still adding reps but losing weight obvisouly. I’m a skinny fat dude so I don’t even look like I’m lifting so I want to gain muslce (look good), but it just ends up being a fat gain/cut cycle every time.

    Is there any good strategy how to deal with these problems or have you ever coach guys like me(I am aware there is zillion things around to right answer)?

    Thank you

    Jakub D.

    Thank you for proper information!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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