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    Mark James

    I have a new client who has the most scapula movement I have ever seen on many of the upper body exercises (tricep pushdowns, bicep curls etc).
    Besides reminding him to try to keep scapula retracted, depressed and as stable as possible, should I be doing some direct low and mid trap work such as shrugs on a chest supported t-bar row or scapula contractions on a lat pulldown?

    And should we call the set done once he can’t stabilize and retract scapula even if triceps aren’t fatigued when doing tricep pushdowns?

    I’ve been favoring preachers and skull crushers so scapula control is not such a limiting factor though I want to address the issue.


    Simo Matikainen

    why is it a problem? Most likely he has less active range of motion than other people but I dont think it would affect the gains much. Either just continue doing what you doing if its safe or reduce the range of motion a little bit so the scapula doesnt move as much, that just my 2 cents. When u think about it the scapula is supposed to move quite a lot, its just harder to isolate muscles if scapula moves a lot. I never think about scapula when doing those exercises you mentioned, the more you move around while doing tricep pushdowns for example, you are propably cheating little bit but the muscles are still being stimulated as long as the weight is being controlled.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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