Scapula retraction for lats?

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    Julian Lee

    Hi coach,
    Just a question on scapula movement for lat exercises like pulldowns or lat focussed rowing. So I recall Joe saying for more upper back focussed t bar row your scapula should retract first at the start and should be the last to protract when the bar goes down. When I do it this way I can immediately feel the upper back muscles like rhomboids and traps working.
    But I’ve heard from some people that when doing lat movements you should try to keep the scapula out of it and focus more on driving the elbows to the waist. Does it really bias the lats more if I pull this way as in intentionally try to drive the elbow before the scapula retracts or rotates? I think scapula would have to fully retract at some point to fully contract the lats and also protract to get the full rom but I’m not sure if making it move last in the pull movement would help lats work more.

    Julian Lee

    Some people even say to row in a rounded back position to leave the traps out. I tried it in this position and I did feel like more lats were working. So I was wondering if there are any benefits to this approach.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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