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    Xavier Szyszko

    Hey guys! A Golds just opened by me and the kit is amazing, finally have stuff I always wanted like the seated cs row. However, there are 3 versions that each have a slightly different profile and I’d like your input. 1) two of them (red not shown and gold) have 2 arms with free handles, while the red shown has one arm but two free moving handles 2) the gold is heaviest in stretch and gets lighter up top, while the red shown is much heavier at the top. The other red is right in the middle if I remember correctly. Since all 3 of these together work like the prime row, would you suggest to prioritize one over the others? I’ll likely use all 3 when it’s busy or I just want to switch things up, but I’d love to know which is the „better” main one.
    Thank you!

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    Xavier Szyszko

    Great, thanks! Ill try the third I didn’t show but likely stick with gold one then.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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