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    Scott Knowlden

    Greetings to all, and thanks in advance for taking the time to 1) read this and 2) hopefully can direct me in a solid path.

    Having looking through some of these programs. It seems as if there isn’t a standard 6-Day program with like a Monday-Saturday with a full.body workout plan (IE: Monday: Bi’s/Back, Tues:Chest/Tri’s, Wed: Legs/Delts, Thurs: Back/Bi’s, etc…) Would I need to make a compilation of a few different workouts in order to achieve what I am looking for, or have I not looked in the correct portion?

    Thank you again. I greatly appreciate any held and or guidance.


    On the PPL program ik you can run it twice in one week and any of the programs, I’ve heard Joe or Bryce say somewhere, you can progress the programs as fast as you want as long as recovery is under control (and seeing progress etc). For example running days back to back instead of rest days or taking more rest days if needed.

    Ana Manzon

    There is more than one way to skin a cat so what you are describing is not really a “standard” as much as just one way to split your overall weekly volume. A full body focker is probably what you need to hit all body parts equally and you can progress through the workouts to build to 6 days training if you need. So, on a single week you would do 1.5 weeks of the programme. So long as you can recover. Having said that, there is probably no inherent benefit of working out over 6 days as opposed to 4.

    Jacob beebe

    I’ve seen the coaches answer this question previously. The programs are purposely designed 4 days a week so you have flexibility to do the leg program and add in an arm day yourself. Essentially they realize cookie cutter programs aren’t ideal so there’s leeway

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