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    Hi Joe,

    Just wondering what your thoughts were on having a set training rotation for 7 days and just taking days off whenever necessary? I like this approach as it allows for a bit more flexibility and I feel I’m able to do more of a “bro-type” of set up which will always be my preference. So something along these lines

    Chest & Triceps
    Back & Biceps
    Hamstrings & Quads
    Shoulders & Chest
    Triceps & Back
    Biceps & Shoulders
    Quads & Hamstrings

    Each body part would get hit twice in a 7 day period. Rest days would be sprinkled in as needed. Any thoughts on this type of set up? I just personally can’t stand Push Pull Legs… it’s just not enjoyable for me to be doing so many body parts in 1 session. I like the idea of focusing on 1 maximum 2 body parts per session and just blasting them… just personal preference & adherence.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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