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    Joshua Hill

    I have a hard time setting up for pressing movements. For instance a DB flat bench press. Once the load exceeds 110-120 I have a very hard time retracting my shoulder blades and getting a string sturdy base. Primarily the issue exists with DB movements but I’m curious on any tips or cues.

    Also once I finally get set I feel fine but at times I can tell I’m not fully locked in and sturdy.

    Any guidance guys!!


    These were my notes I took from DB Flat press on cuing and technique:

    – Arch for more pec recruitment (almost decline press)
    – retract shoulder blades (row into the bottom)-mental cue for reseting every rep
    -contract pecs and let the upper arm go where they go
    – keep DB outside shoulder with so joint never stacked (lose all tention)
    – keep it to active range of motion
    (Not to deep)

    He has a video I may be missing stuff

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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