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    Madeline Clark

    I have a client who has an extremely long list of injuries and health problems. He is about 350lbs and is taking medication that is ruining his joints. We have been working together for three weeks now and we have found a few things that work really well where he feels the muscle and not excessive joint pain. However there are a lot of things that we try that don’t work. Im trying to still give him a good workout because he needs to lose weight but am having a hard time finding movements. Any exercise suggestions would be SO appreciated!

    Most pressing like chest press machines or shoulder over head pressing causes elbow pain and even a KB RDL hurts one of his knees. External rotation of his shoulders is very poor.

    Things that have worked:
    Leg press (very light load)
    High incline push ups
    TRX box squat
    Kettle bell 1 arm row
    Pallof press
    Glute bridges

    PLEASE HELPPPP. thank you!!!!

    Simo Matikainen

    There is only so much you can do if your client has injuries. Mobility work and finding exercises that dont bother his joints. His body is propably inflamed because he is overweigth so losing weight should be priority over building muscle. Try to convince him to do more steady state cardio and better eating habits. Best of luck to you!

    Madeline Clark

    Thank you Joe!
    So helpful!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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