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    Ronak Olickal

    Hi guys ,

    What are the exercise you think work the shortend range of chest . Currently i am doing
    Db low incline
    Smith high incline
    Pec dec
    Cable fly

    I guess the last 2 should work the shortend range better ? Have you seen the coastal pec press of coach Kassam ? I don’t really understand it , but if you guys have seen it , how is it different from a cable fly ?
    Supposedly it’s pretty good for shortend range

    Thomas R.

    Yes, the Pec deck and the cable fly work the Pec in the shortened position. The costal Pec press is similar to a high to low fly. I wouldn’t over complicate it beyond that. Most cable fly/press variants will hit the shortened position.

    Ronak Olickal

    Thanks , yea what i was trying to say was ,over load in shortend position . Got your point 👍

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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