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    Kedanie Sullivan

    Hi Joe, something you said the other day, probably in a video or so. It has really resonated with me with regards to “actually doing the extra work needed”. For example with regards to all the mobility and activation stuff.

    I’ve been having this shoulder impingement issue for about two years and I think it has caused an imbalance in my right shoulder really. MRI shows no sign of any damage really more than I have a hooked acromion.

    I’ve made a lot of visits to the physio and chiropractor however they have been unable to solve this issue to be honest. However, I’m really wondering what have I done for myself.

    I was looking at the act/unfockers the other day and I’ve dedicated to do these daily and really hope for the best with regards

    Kedanie Sullivan

    This is it

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    Kedanie Sullivan

    Thank you so much Joe, really appreciate this and for taking your time out to explain. 🙏🏿

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