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    Hi team.

    I’m just wondering as I’ve had a shoulder niggle/injury for a few months now and I previously was on the Terrance program, then I went on the Upper/lower program (half body program) but this shoulder injury is really frustrating me a lot! I’ve got an appointment tbh after waiting weeks for an appointment for a CT scan on it because the pain seems to be getting worse week after week but I’m training consistently and trying to soldier on without it really getting the better of me.

    I know I have to avoid shoulder/pressing movements that bother it but how would I program if I’m doing the upper/lower program and with an injury like so do I alter Macros/calories because my training won’t be as intense as I would like it to be?

    I have been watching some of the videos on the Q&A’s hoping to here of someone with a relative same issue but not come across it yet, apart from just making small movements that feel comfortable in that area joint, is that right? Or should I just completely cut out any pressing movements in the program? Just worried now that it’s going to mess up my whole training schedule and progress.

    Thank you in advance 💪🏽🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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