Side delt problems

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    Hey Joe or Bryce!

    First I want to say a quick thank you. I have been training for a while now, but joining the site/app made visible changes on my physique. Joe, Thanks to your setup and execution cues, I was able to finally feel my chest working in training, which used to be a significant weakness for me.

    On the my problem, I would like to ask for some guidance in delt training, especially regarding side delts. I want to apologize for the long post, I’ll try to explain my problem/situation in detail. If I want to be quick, I could say: cant feel them work, cant get them sore, cant make them grow.
    In a little detail: always had a hard time training delts. Around 10 years ago, I hurt my left shoulder during incline pressing. After that, I avoided training delts seriously for years (most of my delt training consisted of 2-3 half *ssed sets of raises), only to realize it became a significant weakness. I’ve been trying to bring it up for years now, and while thanks to your and John Meadows form videos my rear delt started to, side delt wont grow. Structurally, i have a narrow shoulder girdl, a short muscle belly, “starts” low. With a relaxed stance/scap it kinda runs a little to the front.
    Basicly, no matter the exercise, I cannot feel it properly work; if I try to raise “out”, I feel the bottom part (like a partial side raise), but I continue trying to raise out, it feels like Im trying to “create space” in the joint (not a good feeling), and if I try to switch to “raising up” traps take over. Also, if I keep my palms pronated, when I raise up to paralel, my cubital fossa is pointing down a little, and it kinda feels like my shoulders “gets crowded inside”. I tried overcoming this with externally rotating a bit, (palms 45-60 degree to floor), but my -once injured- tends to “crack” if I make the slightest mistake during execution while a little ext. Rotated.
    The “most “ I could feel my side delt work was lying cable/incline Lat raise a little to the front with the thumbs facing up, but my ant. Delt quickly took over. I tried doing lying cable lat according to the exercise library, i couldnt feel them work during, felt a little tension after I was done with the set. Also, no matter the exercise, I can never get my ide delt to fully shorten, immediatly loose tension/contraction in the negative portion, and no matter what I do, its never sore, and even if I do 5 lat raise variations, if I rest 5-10 minutes I feel like i could do the whole workout again.

    Could you guys give any tips, pointers to make a
    Really stubborn side delt finally grow?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    P.s. Sorry again for the long post.


    Thanks Joe, I’ll try to “mess around” with the activation and Y raises like you said.

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