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    Hi, currently doing the arms specialization program after previously running full body 1.0 and some fuckarounditis.

    I’m having quite a problem with single arm dumbbell preacher curl – I make almost no progress on this one and adding a single rep feels like nothing to sneeze at. Over past couple months I went from 8 x 8 kgs / 17.5 lbs to 10 x 12 kgs / 26.5 lbs in top set. Now, the problem is that 14 kgs / 30 lbs feel so heavy I can only get 4 reps.

    I also progress my back off sets and I am supposed to now do also 12 kgs / 26.5 lbs in my back off set, while I just can’t get prescribed reps in my top set with 14kgs/30 lbs.

    The biggest problem is actually starting the movement, the weight feels simply too heavy at full stretch.

    What do you think about not finishing the rep with full rom but stopping before full stretch (let’s say doing like 4/5th of the full rom)? Or maybe switching to a spider curl because I think it accomplishes the same thing and can use barbell for that so it’s easier to overload, especially when pull day has single arm machine preacher curl.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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