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    Hey guys, new here.

    Ive been scrolling through the programs and not sure where to begin to be honest.

    My strength aint the greatest and I was always told to do the big 3/4 compounds and get stronger there and body will follow. Now I weigh 103kg (226.6lbs) so quite overweight for my size which is 169cm (5.5ft) I guess aprox 26 or higher bodyfat %

    I was doing a 4 day full body called GZCLP to raise abit my weights which are currently

    bench 60kg (132lbs)

    Squat 75 (165lbs)

    Deadlifts 100 (220lbs)

    Ohp 40 (88lbs)

    All done in the 4 rep range with an amrap at the end and amraps mostly are 8 or slightly higher but not that much

    Now to my actual question, Ive got quite some weight to lose and bf to drop, with a good deficit, which program might I benefit from? I can go 4 to 5x a week these weeks before vacation then afterwards I can push to 6 so ppl is needed. A part of me likes a hybrid upper lower push pull legs but don’t see one here, any recommendations?

    Also for my goals which are looks but also some strength should I focus on the big barbells or switch it up with others considering Ive got alot of cutting to do and my whole body is lagging? (seen you guys mostly use DBs or cables and some other variations for upper body movements)


    Thanks for your answer Bryce,

    I am looking at some programs so will check what will trigger me to go training

    Right now I am trying a Upper Lower PPL since I can go 5x a week for now till I go in vacation the 8th, after that I can push it to 6 if Id wanted to. Not sure if I will go the powerbuilding route since I am looking more to cut down my weight and define and develop my body and not sure if powerbuilding is the thing for me then since I will be in a deficit for a while.

    What is your guys your take on lifts like barbell compounds (bench press, ohp) and stuff like conventional deadlifts for hypetrophy? Do you think they are needed or helpful? or are there better alternatives? Or just do a mix them like barbell bench press then follow up with DB incline and finish with cable flyes?


    Thanks again Bryce,

    I think I am going to go with your full body A/B 4x a week

    You think it is smart to then do like, 1 day DB bench press on first A day and maybe barbell bench press on 2nd A day then? Or best stick to 1 exercise?

    Also, I noticed as the weeks go on, there is added volume for some bodyparts, does back have enough volume here then? I notice offc you work it with dbs, rdls, back extensions from week 5 and rear delts but wasn’t sure if its enough, just wondering

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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