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    Lucas Cortes

    Does it matter to your overall growth if your volume for a body part is spread out as opposed to in the same session. So say i have 2 sets of RDLS and 2 sets of ham curls as my total volume for hamstrings within a week. In scenario A i do both exercises in the same session and in scenario B they’re on different days of the week, by themselves. Would the stimulus/growth be the same. The bro science side of my brain has the idea that having them in the same session “finishes them off” and kind of compounds the stimulus. So is there any truth to that?


    This is my personal opinion. But I would favour spreading it out over a week like you would see in a upper lower, full body etc. you’ll be able to get more quality performance on the exercise as opposed to having complete x amount of sets of hams and then another x amount straight after. With quality improved If they’re spread out, you could increase total volume from reps, load and stimulus. Just my opinion though, would be interested to hear others.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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