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    John Cammish

    Hey Joe,
    Maybe an unusual one.
    Am I right thinking you used to play soccer?

    I did to a high level in teens – I’m 38 now though.

    Basically I want to return to playing 5aside but my adductors / groins are so tight afterwards ….I know we don’t do too much “sideways” movements in the programs.

    Is there anything you would add to leg day or warm ups each time I train- eg side lunges or any adductor / specific training?

    I know it’s not “hypertrophy focused” but want to stay injury free and hopefully keep playing once every 2 weeks 🤞🏻



    Xavier Szyszko

    He actually does have the adductor machine in some programs, I personally think it’s a must for everyone who wants bug legs. They are 100% an amazing hypertrophy exercise, as the adductors aren’t sufficiently taxed/trained in things such as squat since the quads/glutes always give out first. Personally like to start every leg day with it (before the leg curls) as I find having warmed up hips helps a ton with safety and feel for bigger movements down the line

    John Cammish

    Thanks guys .

    Il probably take a look at that mobile meathead as well worth not feeling the tightness!

    John Cammish

    That’s a really helpful reminder Joe – well put and obviously makes tons of sense – thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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