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    As I’m starting a new program do you wait until the weeks out and start fresh or just get at it? My week of training starts On a Sunday and I go from there you see.

    I can either have a few days rest and have some active recovery days until then or just get on with it?


    Nice one Joe, I’m very much OCD and trust me when I say OCD I’m very much regimented in most things I do including my job, life at home, cleaning, eating, habits etc, lol a good thing right 😂 no I’ve just had issues since a young age with things having to be right.
    I like to schedule my weight training days (sun, mon, Tuesday, Wednesday rest, Thursday then Friday. On my off days I tend to make them active recovery days. That’s why I asked tbh. With my new program I’m gonna do it’s a 4 day split one , Antiflamingo so I’ll use that extra last day as a weak point day. Thank you once again Joe. And by the way it’s me Tom the guy that was unsure about the program split to follow, you did advise the bro split, but I’ve opted for this one because of a shoulder niggle I’ve had for some time now and this has been an issue as well which I didn’t mention on deciding which program to follow and I thought I’d give my legs more volume for 12 weeks, whilst trying to maintain some sort of strength up top. My goals are more upper body work but I can’t chance further injury so will see what 12 weeks brings now and go from there and stop overthinking shit! I had a word with myself, lol. Just curious with calories now tho do I keep them the same as I won’t be able to hit it totally hard on my upper days? It’s pissed me off tbh but got to think long term in terms of injury, would I just take it easy on my upper half for 3 months of risk further injury to which could put me out of training longer term for being so stubborn and not listening to my body. You must of had a lot of injuries in your time so hopefully you know how I feel in terms of hitting that brick wall and not progressing because of something holding me back. ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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