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    Hi Joe,

    Excited to start my program. I looked through the app and I’m a bit confused as to navigate it. I have a few questions as this model of PT program is different than any I’ve done before.
    Just to give a bit of a background. I’m not new to training. I did a novice bikini comp in 2016. But training was almost non-existent during pandemic and especially last year. The last year I’ve dealt with some major stressful life changes, and in combination with a hormonal IUD my weight went through the roof. Highest it’s ever been. Weight steadily gained after competition, likely because of improper phasing off comp diet and minor PED use, but most of weight gain was because of IUD. Looking to lose 50 pounds. Got IUD taken out. Want to prioritize fat loss at this point, but eventually would like to get to a general bikini physique (with sustainable diet/training) but not prepping for a show (if that makes sense haha). Not looking to compete again for another 5 years, at least.
    I’m back in school full time in Sept, so want to make as much headway with goals as possible now because I have more time. When school starts I’ll have much less time and will need a whole new plan.

    -I put in my info and it gave me my macros. Will a diet be provided or am I responsible for just hitting my macros?
    -Can I do intermittent fasting with my diet/training? Specifically the 16:8 plan?
    -For my goals, will 3 meals be ok?
    -For my goals, which type of diet (low-carb or balanced) will get me the fastest results? Low-carb is not sustainable for me long-term, but I’m willing to do what’s required for short-term, and then transition to a balanced diet.

    -Can I train fasted?
    -Should I do cardio? If so, when?
    -Do I change my training program whenever I want or is that determined by you?

    -Do I do these whenever I want or are these mandatory?

    How does the 10-week challenge work? Everyone just chooses the program they want?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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