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    Spencer Perkins

    Hi everyone – weird question here but I was curious if there are any more affordable / budget friendly cuts of steak you all eat?

    I love steak and prefer to have a good mix between chicken, steak, fish, and ground beef but it can be expensive to eat the best cuts of steak consistently (ribeye, Tbone, NY strip) so wondering if any alternatives people have found. Thanks!

    Nate Chestnutt

    Flank, skirt, sirloin cuts are all tasty too

    Daniel Abraham

    I second flank and skirt, if you’re big on mexican food like me, lots of recipes use those cuts, specially carne asada.


    Good sirloin. Not too expensive, lean and tasty👌

    Spencer Perkins

    Thanks guys! Will definitely try these


    Eye of round roast for sure. I was getting it for like 4.95 per lb from Costco awhile back not sure of the prices currently

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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