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    Why is it becoming more common nowadays people just putting stuff in there bodies (even as young as 16yr old) and steroids etc to rather than just eating good food and training hard and get there naturally? It’s well noticeable nowadays when you see someone in the gym and then again 2 weeks later Jacked to hell. I’m just a firm believer of a good diet and just sticking in a training session, what are your thoughts?


    Haha….impatient is the word mate. The world has gone impatient mad nowadays even on the roads as well. I think I’m a bit pissed off that I’ve wasted years of doing the wrong stuff, I was over weight most of my younger years, I love over 140lbs when I was 20yrs and then had a kidney removed through to cancer when I was 25, then since then just been doing mix of running and lifting weights, I’m still 68kg now and I’d say I’m about 2 years of proper lifting under my belt and progress is very slow, but consistent and consistent of tweaking, finding what works for me, what doesn’t, still looking haha, and plenty of learning, but I’m 40yr old next year and hoping I’ve not left it to late. I am in good shape now but I would like to build more muscle but as I said I hope I’m not to late and I’m wasting my time trying to give it the 150% I’m giving it.

    Josh Kennerley

    I am on steroids. For exactly the reason Joe stated. I was impatient. Everyone around me was using and blowing up fast while i was half assed training/eating and not getting far. I hopped on and lost all my gains after first cycle because I knew nothing about diet, training and gear. Regret sacrificing my health so early just to loose my results. But there is no way could go back to being natural now. Thanks to Joe and other educators my diet and training is now on point so atleast while I damage my health I am gaining muscle.

    Just thought id chime in as one of the people you are talking about. To sum it up it was impatience and body dysmorphia. Also I am from
    the generation that cant watch a 10 min youtube vid without loosing focus but im working on it

    Xavier Szyszko

    As a 18 year old myself, surrounded (both in person and on social media) by guys my age or even younger, who are clearly on gear, I can wholeheartedly agree with Joe. My generation has 0 patience. The term „delayed gratification” doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. And I will admit, it definitely sucks to see these guys who are 16-20 and look like 28 year old bodybuilders and not feel bad about my physique. But then I realize it’s my own journey to be the best me I can be, I train my ass off and i guess I’m not „taking a shortcut”. plenty of guys on gear still obviously train and live this lifestyle to the maximum, but when it comes to still being a teen and jumping on, I have no respect (unless THE DREAM GOAL is pro bodybuilding from the very start)

    Mark James

    Their lives, their rules.

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