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    Joshua Hill

    Hey Joe/Bryce! On week 6 of HC gives you wings. Love it and I plan to pretty much repeat week 6 for another 6 to 10 weeks and progress the shit out of the moves until I feel I can no longer. Then I’m moving to pec augmentation.

    Currently for the first 5 weeks I ran 2 RDLs in the split as one variation allows for low back extension or RDL. Recovery got tough for 2 RDLs in a week. So for low back extensions we don’t have the best equipment in my gym for it as it doesn’t really allow hinging at the hip. Any suggestions for a variation for that can be progressed?

    Also for the Dumbell rows it’s bent over for the variation with 2 dumbbells but honestly I don’t quite feel this as great as I want with this specific move unless I use chest support like an incline bench. Any particular reason to not use the chest support for double row ?

    Lastly if these questions have been asked sorry for the double tap but for changing the moves slightly in the program do you suggest we ask first? Stupid question but I know a lot of time went into move selections and variations. Thanks guys!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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