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    Hi all, I’ve been following full body for 9 weeks, but training every other day. Prior to that, I did one of John Meadows’ programs and havent really deloaded other than messing around for about two weeks before subscribing into the app. I would say I’m early intermediate.

    I did rotate db press for flat machine press when I stalled for like 3 workouts straight, had some minor issues progressing with smith press, but other than that It’s been going fine until last week where I simply didnt have the power to hit 3rd-5th reps on half of the topsets. Thought it was a bad day and moved on but two days later it was the same, but with lower weights.

    I imagine long time with no deload and being in a calorie deficit (slight) may be responsible for that so I decided to take a full week off but I’ve been wondering whether it would be time to switch programs (eg. to arms or delts spec because I like training more often na 3 days and arms and delts are easy to recover from) or see how it goes next week, but decrease the load on all exercises by like 10kgs.

    I do topsets with weights from previous workouts. If I get 8-9 reps, starting from 6, I increase the weight, if that helps. Back off sets are just like 15% lighter but I add weight to them after I progress with the main set so for example I might do 225 topset but then 180 back off and just milk the reps.

    Merry christmas to all of you reading

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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