Targeting (bias) different heads of the triceps

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    Rei Koka

    Hey Joe!

    Hope you are doing well. In this I would love to have an opinion from you and Coach Bruce. A few days ago I saw on your page the post about targeting the heads of the triceps. Now I have heard your replys here in forum about not asking about other coaches and I understand where you’re coming from but this is just on of those situations just like the scapula humeral rhythm where I need to hear both sides in order to maybe form my opinion or make my decision. And Kassem has actually explained himself that he reacted to your post publically even though thats not new. He explained he had done a one hour phone call with you trying to explain tk you that biasing heads is possible based on his lab work and some other content he had posted on his ig. Did that really change your mind or it wasnt enough of a clue to do it? And if it didn’t could you just explain a little bit more on why you cant bias the heads or even if you can why that doesnt make a lot of difference in training as Kassem makes it sound?

    Coach Bruce would love to hear your opinion on this matter as well 🙏🏻

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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